Week 6 – The Art of Curation

Overall this process was very simple to throw together, and works as a first real attempt at making a basic, simple story using this tool. It’s ‘what you see is what you get’ style of approach to creating stories is made easy through it’s simple to follow interface and readily available tutorials.


Quiz Results

Overall I’m finding that the different takes on each Quiz each week are enjoyable. Learning more and fine tuning my general grammar’s been interesting, to say the least.


Week 5 – Writing for Social Media

For the purposes of this week’s activity I’ve chosen to write about a topic that personally interests me, in this case gaming. The network that I chose to write about, Raptr, is a downloadable client that boasts partnerships with major game manufacturers/media organizations the likes of Activision and Gamespot, and has a personal focus on PC gaming. As this is my primary gaming platform I found Raptr to be appealing.

The client works primarily through linking one’s gamer platform (be it a steam profile, a PSN account or an XBox Live profile) to their Raptr account, and then works to download their statistics and directly compare them with other players involved in similar games/on the whole. It’s primarily got a focus on competition, a focus that is reflected in the biggest game title names on Raptr. Competitive multiplayer arena based games almost dominate it’s roster.

Aside from the competitive nature of the program, it’s links to numerous other affiliate gaming networks enables it to make activities that gamers often engage in very simple. Streaming for instance is a direct feature of the client through it’s connection to Twitch, another network primarily built around streaming video games.

In terms of insensitive it’s users to stay around, it features a reward system based off of player progression through certain linked games. This, combined with the compared rankings and the general type of genre being promoted again reinforces a heavy focus on competitive gaming; it’s a good network for players wishing to build teams and such for this sort of genre.

Quiz Results

In general I found this test to be one of the more difficult ones dished out so far, though I did at least enjoy learning where common phrasing and such that I’ve been brought up on was factually incorrect.


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  2. Paul Ian, PC World 2016, The best PC gaming capture software: 5 free recording tools compared, http://www.pcworld.com/article/3040695/software/the-best-pc-game-video-capture-software-5-top-recording-tools-compared.html

Week 4 – Voice, Attribution, and Acknowledgment

Today as per the weekly activity I decided to seek out two people and ask them about a subject that interests me personally, movies.

The two people that I interviewed were both family members; the youngest, Taleisha, was a huge fan of adventure films.

“They really allow the author to take the audience to crazy places and do all sorts of things. And they can cover so many different genres, it’s kind of crazy,” she said when asked about why she found the genre so appealing.

In contrast, Karon, the other family member that I interviewed was a bigger fan of action and horror films.

“I like action films for thrill and speed that they add to my life, you know? I like seeing expensive set pieces go up in flames and heroes fighting off villains to save the world, that’s appealing to me. But I also like the different kind of thrill and suspense that a horror movie can bring; it’s just a shame there’s been so many bad ones lately,” she said, again when asked why the genre appealed to her.

This was interesting because both were fans of similar sorts of genres (action films and adventure clearly have a big cross over) despite the different lifestyles that they lead.

If anything, the two having similar tastes allowed the both of them to share their hobbies and expand on their interests in the genres.

Quiz Results

All in all I enjoyed learning about tone, voice, attributing and quoting, particularly when it tied in so nicely to my own class studies and the activities that the lecturer was having us preform there.

Week 3 – The Basic News Story

The task for this week is to plan for Assignment 2, the media writing piece. To that end the two possible topics that I’ve chosen to cover are the Rockhampton Swap Meet and the Multicultural festival respectively.

  • The Swap is an all day event on at the Showgrounds at Saturday, the sixth of August 2016.
  • The Cultural Festival is on at Sunday, the twenty first of August 2016.

Neither event will require any certifications or accredited status. I’ve chosen these two as both will require a similar strategy regardless of whichever one selected; I’m hopefully aiming to interview a variety of stall owners and general shoppers, as well as any identifiable event organizers.

Guides and recommendations that I’ve covered strongly suggest going in with a list of questions relevant to the topic at hand (Sarah Stuteville 2013), so with that in mind I’ve written out a small list of generic back ups to ask both stall owners and the general attendees at the event. I plan on getting to the event as early as possible, as both events tend to fill out early on in their timeline and it’s vastly more beneficial for me to have access to as many potential interviews as possible.

In the unlikely event that I’m unable to find anyone to interview I’ve contacted a number of friends and associates at the event who would gladly sign up for backup interviews, but it would be greatly preferably to attempt to carry them out on the fly for the experience value. I’ve also managed to do some minor research in regards to what to expect for both events based on past attendee’s experiences in regards to the range of food and the type of stalls available from previous showings.

Quiz Results

Once again it was generally interesting to improve upon my own literacy through these tests. No major hurdles were encountered; questions that were wrong were simply repeated until correct.


  1. Bunting Joe, 2011, How to conduct an interview like a journalist, http://thewritepractice.com/how-to-conduct-an-interview-like-a-journalist/
  2. Stuteville Sarah, matador network 2013, 13 simple journalist techniques for effective interviews, http://matadornetwork.com/bnt/13-simple-journalist-techniques-for-effective-interviews/

Week 2 – The Basic News Story

A top story at the time, at least as when this was drafted, was concerning a major conservative political pundit/journalist and his recent ban. The pundit in question, Milo Yiannopoulos, had built his career on being an infamous firebrand and general troublemaker, and was banned after a series of brief arguments with another public figure.

This conversation was captured and circulated world wide, with a huge variety of news sources taking interest in the journalist and interviewing him over the piece. Featured below is just one example of a piece of the back and forth between the actor and Milo (@Nero being his handle).#her
This particular topic interests me heavily as someone who has a heavy fascination with the concept of freedom of speech and the various merits and values that it entails. ‘How far does freedom of speech go’ and what are it’s potential ramifications has always been a very interesting topic for me personally, and this particular chain of events fascinated me since it’s managed to spark huge discussions about the topic, leading to a very wide array of opinions being thrown on the table.

People on the side of Jones for instance tend to argue that Milo’s mockery of Jones was essentially inciting his fan base to attack her, which lead to a series of potentially racist imagery that lead to her leaving the site. (The Huffington Post 2016)

People on the side of Milo meanwhile tend to run with the narrative that this is Twitter infringing on free speech. Milo’s status as a major conservative figure, particularly in the new generation of young, tech savvy adults with an interest in politics, has lead to many right leaning outlets (International Business Times 2016,  Heat Street 2016) going so far as to outright declare this to be a war on conservative viewpoints.

Other news sites have taken a more moderate view, with some declaring that Milo’s barbs towards Jones were wrong, but he still should have the right to express himself as long as it’s not outright inciting physical violence towards her (Soave Robby 2016). This happens to be the sort of viewpoint that I’d personally take on free speech related issues; as long as you aren’t outright attempting to incite physical violence you should be able to say whatever you want, and receive whatever criticism you get in return.

Quiz Results

This time round I did much, much poorer as a result of simply diving into the quiz beforehand without testing my own general knowledge on the topic at hand. I had no issues with returning to it and learning from my mistakes however, and in general a goal of mine was to improve my own general literacy coming into this course so it works for me.


  1. Southern Lauren, International Business Times 2016, Milo Yiannopoulos’s ban proves Twitter is censoring conservatives, http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/milo-yiannopouloss-ban-proves-twitter-censoring-conservatives-1571759
  2. Piker Hasan, The Huffington Post 2016, Milo Yiannopoulos is NOT a free speech martyr, and Twitter totally mishandled this situation, http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/milo-yiannopoulos-is-not-a-free-speech-martyr-and_us_5791046ee4b0a1917a6e3dd2
  3. Soave Robby, reason.com 2016, On Leslie Jones vs Milo Yiannopoulos: Supporting free speech does not mean endorsing Nazism, http://reason.com/blog/2016/07/20/on-leslie-jones-vs-milo-yiannopoulos-sup
  4. Hicks William, Heatstreet 2016, Anti-Free speech left celebrates the Twitter ban of Milo Yiannopoulos, http://heatst.com/culture-wars/anti-free-speech-left-celebrates-the-twitter-ban-of-milo-yiannopoulos/

Week 1 – Introduction to media writing

Both stories on today’s agenda are about a former rugby league legend making a shift from sporting into professional horse racing as an ambassador for the Victorian Racehorse Owners. This was covered by two different websites, Gold Coast Bulletin and QLD.gov respectively.

The main difference between the two articles is in how they go about covering this topic; the former focuses more on Slater and his build up to this change in career interests itself whilst the latter focuses more on what his role will entail, how it will effect people and how people are reacting to it (through displaying assorted quotes).

There was absolutely some following discussions about this topic amongst fans of both sports and racing in general amongst various social media platforms, particularly twitter and facebook. Personally this topic lacks any real teeth to interest or captivate me, largely due a lack of interest in sporting, horse riding and the subject himself.

Quiz Results

I was able to do acceptably well in this week’s quiz, scoring a 7/8 all up. It ultimately wasn’t too hard for a first result, and I’m curious about how the rest of these will ultimately turn out.