Week 12 – Course review week


In terms of what I’ve learnt most this term; the overall structure of writing news pieces and articles was probably the most I’ve gotten out of this particular course. My own writing skills I had considered to be somewhat poor, and I strongly feel as though they’ve improved to an extent coming out of this course.

In terms of what was most challenging, adapting to a new and differing style. The frequent technology failures that I was having also hindered my progress somewhat, though not as much as having to get into the mindset of a journalist and to have that particular approach to things.

As someone with a keen interest in journalistic ethics (particularly in regards to journalistic and political crossovers) it was immensely interesting to see how journalists are taught in a professional environment, and it was through this course that I’ve gained a more nuanced perspective on  topics such as media bias and narrative construction. At least a few of the articles that I managed to read during this course specifically dealt with how to go about addressing this as an issue, so that proved to be a highly interesting aspect of this course.


In terms of what I’ve done to address criticism; a lot of my earlier write ups weren’t particularly in depth and lacked referencing.

I’ve updated the write ups specifically marked as lacking referencing by going back through my history and pinning the relevant articles I read that inspired my work in those pieces. I’ve also tried to be more expansive in general in my newer write ups, though hopefully not to the point of becoming distracting.


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