Week 10 – Supporting the story 2

I’ve attempted to write each article with the assumption that I’d be tackling the issue from a different angle. Alternative titles for the ‘Disaster at FakeComicCon!‘ article could include:

‘Fights break out at FakeComicCon, two critically injured!’

-Good for highlighting that two people were seriously injured, states the initial problem.

‘Fights at FakeComicCon leave twelve people critically injured!’

-Used to emphasize how many people were injured by the brawl that broke out at FakeComicCon

‘Arrests made at FakeComicCon brawl’

-Focuses on the fact that this brawl was serious enough at an otherwise light-hearted cosplay event to warrant arrests.

Quiz Results

I was beginning to feel quite unwell at the time of this Quiz and found it much more frustrating than I usually would for these kinds of activities. Add to my general difficulty with reading off a screen and trying to keep up with apostrophes and proper usage of nouns made this one of the more frustrating activities to take out of the weekly Quizzes.


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