Week 10 – Supporting the story 1

Practical – A day in the life of a cat

For this week’s practical piece I’ve decided to split this piece up into two entries, for ease of reading. For a change of pace I thought that it’d be interesting to try something new, and so I’ve decided to write about ‘a day in the life of a cat’, for humor and entertainment value.


As you can see, there’s no reason to start the day off with stress. A busy schedule of mauling his owner’s belongings awaits him, so this cat prefers to ease his way into the day’s work load rather than diving head first into things.


We’re off to a solid start today as he already dives into mauling his owner’s belongings and making keeping up with assessments needlessly difficult.


A hallmark of other feline friends draws in this cat’s attention.


There’s no real reason to dabble with the mortals on the ground floor, oh no. This cat would greatly prefer to be on top of things, so to speak, as to further emphasize his authority.


Shoelaces? Who needs them! Certainly not this cat, regardless, and it’s always entertaining to maul them just as the residents get ready to leave.


It’s a rough and dangerous world out there. Dogs, cars and other cats, just a few of the dangers that keep this cat up at night.


This cat’s never had a problem with doors; they just provide great opportunities to maul passersby.


Of course, all this activity can lead to this cat getting worn out. So every now and then some refreshments are called for.


When this cat does need food or water (fresh water mind you, nothing but the best) all I need to do is call for attention. His pleas for attention are always answered, it’s just a matter of attention. Be it a minute, or half an hour, all this cat needs to do is claw, scratch and cry for attention and food is on it’s way.


Really though, the life of a cat is just outstanding. It’s free of worries or concern and full of food, climbing and annoying the perpetually frustrated owners.


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