Week 9 -Newsletters and Brochures

  1. The kinds of stories featured in this newsletter range from the regularly scheduled newsletter to various assorted articles and scientific papers. The layout of the site admit tingly makes it difficult to navigate, but this particular organization or domain is decades old going off their official letter releases. Aside from just articles and papers, there’s also official meetings, reports, action plans and receedings covered here.
    The newsletters contain information on the status of crocodiles around the world, all covered in a remarkable amount of detail. They’ll also cover any relevant crocodile related news (if a dam is erected for instance) and keep readers in the general know about this community.
  2. They target the organization’s audience through incredible attention to detail. The layout isn’t desirable and the print is very outdated, but the actual quality of the text, at least from a layman’s perspective is very high. It’s all detailed and thorough (as much as one can be when covering all major crocodile related events in a PDF news release) enough to warrant regular checkups if this was one’s field.
  3. In terms of what I find interesting, I feel as though there’d be an interesting article or two that I could put together in regards to the amount of crocodile attacks globally versus general death statistics. I have a personal attachment to reptiles in general, so I’d gladly enjoy going after the notion that crocodile attacks are especially dangerous or likely.
  4. As mentioned before, the layout, performance and general design of not just the releases but also the site itself leaves something to be desired. It’s clear by now that the site itself is somewhat dated. That said, again the sheer amount of detail put into each article would easily warrant keeping up to date with this organization, particularly if all the information is accurate and statistically sound, as I assume it is.

Quiz Results

Another reasonably good score, 8/10. I’m finding these tests to be acceptably challenging and interesting in general, there’s not too much in the way of frustration or anger that I’ve had towards doing them.


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