Week 8 – Media Releases

MEDIA RELEASE – FakeComicCon Incident


 Disaster at FakeComicCon!

Tragedy struck at FakeComicCon today as two groups of costumed attendees began a brawl that left twelve people injured, two critically so.

What began as a light hearted mock fight eventually descended into very real combat, with one group brandishing some illegally brought in and very real bladed weapons.

A dozen people were left injured and it’s so far unknown as to how the group managed to get weapons by security, but arrests were made shortly after the incident broke out.

When questioned on the matter Queensland police spokesperson John Smith said that four people were arrested “on a number of charges related to weapons and assault.”

CEO of FakeComicCon Casey Smith was devastated in particular by the incident, and assures fans of the event that she’s doing everything she can to prevent another incident like this from occurring.

The company itself is working to ensure that the victims of this assault are given the support and care that they and their families deserve.

“One of the aims of FakeComicCon is to give people a safe space to come, play, and meet like-minded people,” Casey said.

FakeComicCon’s popularity and success has otherwise been booming; last year’s event alone drew in around 30,000 people, and this year’s event so far has had roughly 400 cosplayers.

It’s still often touted as being the number one place for Aussie cosplayers to get together for fan related events.



Contact Person Name: Clint Grossmann
Phone (Mobile/Work): 0457 757 533
Email: clint@cluegroup.com.au

Quiz Results

I wasn’t able to do particularly well on this week’s Quiz work and only managed to get 5/10 correct. Still, learning about the proper use of journalistic syntax has been interesting in regards to a regular writing format vs a formal writer’s approach.


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