Week 5 – Writing for Social Media

For the purposes of this week’s activity I’ve chosen to write about a topic that personally interests me, in this case gaming. The network that I chose to write about, Raptr, is a downloadable client that boasts partnerships with major game manufacturers/media organizations the likes of Activision and Gamespot, and has a personal focus on PC gaming. As this is my primary gaming platform I found Raptr to be appealing.

The client works primarily through linking one’s gamer platform (be it a steam profile, a PSN account or an XBox Live profile) to their Raptr account, and then works to download their statistics and directly compare them with other players involved in similar games/on the whole. It’s primarily got a focus on competition, a focus that is reflected in the biggest game title names on Raptr. Competitive multiplayer arena based games almost dominate it’s roster.

Aside from the competitive nature of the program, it’s links to numerous other affiliate gaming networks enables it to make activities that gamers often engage in very simple. Streaming for instance is a direct feature of the client through it’s connection to Twitch, another network primarily built around streaming video games.

In terms of insensitive it’s users to stay around, it features a reward system based off of player progression through certain linked games. This, combined with the compared rankings and the general type of genre being promoted again reinforces a heavy focus on competitive gaming; it’s a good network for players wishing to build teams and such for this sort of genre.

Quiz Results

In general I found this test to be one of the more difficult ones dished out so far, though I did at least enjoy learning where common phrasing and such that I’ve been brought up on was factually incorrect.


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  2. Paul Ian, PC World 2016, The best PC gaming capture software: 5 free recording tools compared, http://www.pcworld.com/article/3040695/software/the-best-pc-game-video-capture-software-5-top-recording-tools-compared.html

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