Week 4 – Voice, Attribution, and Acknowledgment

Today as per the weekly activity I decided to seek out two people and ask them about a subject that interests me personally, movies.

The two people that I interviewed were both family members; the youngest, Taleisha, was a huge fan of adventure films.

“They really allow the author to take the audience to crazy places and do all sorts of things. And they can cover so many different genres, it’s kind of crazy,” she said when asked about why she found the genre so appealing.

In contrast, Karon, the other family member that I interviewed was a bigger fan of action and horror films.

“I like action films for thrill and speed that they add to my life, you know? I like seeing expensive set pieces go up in flames and heroes fighting off villains to save the world, that’s appealing to me. But I also like the different kind of thrill and suspense that a horror movie can bring; it’s just a shame there’s been so many bad ones lately,” she said, again when asked why the genre appealed to her.

This was interesting because both were fans of similar sorts of genres (action films and adventure clearly have a big cross over) despite the different lifestyles that they lead.

If anything, the two having similar tastes allowed the both of them to share their hobbies and expand on their interests in the genres.

Quiz Results

All in all I enjoyed learning about tone, voice, attributing and quoting, particularly when it tied in so nicely to my own class studies and the activities that the lecturer was having us preform there.


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