Week 3 – The Basic News Story

The task for this week is to plan for Assignment 2, the media writing piece. To that end the two possible topics that I’ve chosen to cover are the Rockhampton Swap Meet and the Multicultural festival respectively.

  • The Swap is an all day event on at the Showgrounds at Saturday, the sixth of August 2016.
  • The Cultural Festival is on at Sunday, the twenty first of August 2016.

Neither event will require any certifications or accredited status. I’ve chosen these two as both will require a similar strategy regardless of whichever one selected; I’m hopefully aiming to interview a variety of stall owners and general shoppers, as well as any identifiable event organizers.

Guides and recommendations that I’ve covered strongly suggest going in with a list of questions relevant to the topic at hand (Sarah Stuteville 2013), so with that in mind I’ve written out a small list of generic back ups to ask both stall owners and the general attendees at the event. I plan on getting to the event as early as possible, as both events tend to fill out early on in their timeline and it’s vastly more beneficial for me to have access to as many potential interviews as possible.

In the unlikely event that I’m unable to find anyone to interview I’ve contacted a number of friends and associates at the event who would gladly sign up for backup interviews, but it would be greatly preferably to attempt to carry them out on the fly for the experience value. I’ve also managed to do some minor research in regards to what to expect for both events based on past attendee’s experiences in regards to the range of food and the type of stalls available from previous showings.

Quiz Results

Once again it was generally interesting to improve upon my own literacy through these tests. No major hurdles were encountered; questions that were wrong were simply repeated until correct.


  1. Bunting Joe, 2011, How to conduct an interview like a journalist, http://thewritepractice.com/how-to-conduct-an-interview-like-a-journalist/
  2. Stuteville Sarah, matador network 2013, 13 simple journalist techniques for effective interviews, http://matadornetwork.com/bnt/13-simple-journalist-techniques-for-effective-interviews/

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