Week 1 – Introduction to media writing

Both stories on today’s agenda are about a former rugby league legend making a shift from sporting into professional horse racing as an ambassador for the┬áVictorian Racehorse Owners. This was covered by two different websites, Gold Coast Bulletin and QLD.gov respectively.

The main difference between the two articles is in how they go about covering this topic; the former focuses more on Slater and his build up to this change in career interests itself whilst the latter focuses more on what his role will entail, how it will effect people and how people are reacting to it (through displaying assorted quotes).

There was absolutely some following discussions about this topic amongst fans of both sports and racing in general amongst various social media platforms, particularly twitter and facebook. Personally this topic lacks any real teeth to interest or captivate me, largely due a lack of interest in sporting, horse riding and the subject himself.

Quiz Results

I was able to do acceptably well in this week’s quiz, scoring a 7/8 all up. It ultimately wasn’t too hard for a first result, and I’m curious about how the rest of these will ultimately turn out.



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